About Andy Cartwright

ANDY CARTWRIGHT HOMEWARE is a South African based Design house established in 2001. Their global division, under the custodianship of a talented team of designers, invites the world to experience their signature brand of revolutionary home creations. Inspired by contemporary living and the desire to bring an element of fun to people’s lives, their uninhibited designs are a winning blend of form and function. Their passion for innovation in a universal context reveals itself in the usability and visual appeal of their exciting product ranges.

This progressive design company recently won Design Indaba’s prestigious Innovation Award for their new Korol home décor range. The award represents originality and quality in a new product and reflects Andy Cartwright Homeware’s golden rule to put innovation at the heart of the design process. Fuelled by this rule and consumers’ desires, the brand responds in a way that brings versatile products to an international market.